The Wolf Test

Now available!

Wolf and Canid Hybrid Testing including Fox and Coyote

We now offer testing to determine if your dog has any Wolf, Fox or Coyote DNA as a supplemental service when you order the MuttMix Breed Determination test!

The Wolf-Fox-Coyote Hybrid Test can be added to the normal Canine Breed test we currently offer, but cannot be done separately. This test will not determine the breeds in your dog. It will only tell you if these breeds are present. We cannot tell you which species of Wolf-Fox-Coyote, but we can give you an indication of the level of DNA found. A typical result would look like this:

  • Level 2 Siberian Husky
    Level 4 Alaskan Malamute
    Level 5 Wolf

Wolf-Fox-Coyote Hybrid Test and Domestic Breed Determination Test – R900 + courier fees!

Due to ongoing post office issues we no longer post kits, we will contact you with a quote for our courier services. Dismiss