The Allergy Test

Find out what allergens might be having an effect on your dogs health

Upset stomachs, itchy skin and other uncomfortable symptoms are often a result of your pet being sensitive to the food or environments it is coming into contact with. These allergic reactions are one of the main reasons people take their pets to the vet. Our allergy test was designed as a cost effective easy-to-use pet sensitivity test to help you find out what may be affecting the health of your beloved pet.

The test was developed to measure the highest level of accuracy, approximately 100 of the most commonly known allergens that your pet may be reacting to. We test foods and environmental factors and you will also find out which popular supplements and every-day household products your pet may be allergic to.

Get on top of your dog’s well-being

Often people use medicated shampoos, top of the range dog foods and prescription medication to help alleviate symptoms of allergies, but this usually only masks the problem without solving it.

Most pet owners know the long-term side effects of prescription medication like steroids and antihistamines. Many also have learned that pet food made for sensitive animals, while providing them with relief from their intolerance, does not provide good, nutritional value that their pets need to be healthy.

By doing the allergy test, you will be able to identify what food/ chemical/ environment causes your pets sensitivities, and what to avoid in the future. Like people, all dogs are different, and may have allergies to food and products that are not common.

And there’s more…

Not only will we give you a list of items that your pet is sensitive too, we will also provide you with an easy to understand food and supplement list to avoid at all costs, and tell you which environmental factors your pet must stay away from as well as some that you may not need to avoid, but just be cautious of.

The Cost Effective Allergy Test

We can offer you a complete intolerance and sensitivity test kit at an affordable price. Why spend unnecessary money on visits to the vet and prescribed medication when you can avoid the problems altogether by doing one home test that will give you a “heads up” for future issues/symptoms that your dog may have. Don’t delay any further, order your Allergy Test Kit today!

One of a Kind

This allergy test is the only allergy test available that will measure the proteins found in your dog’s spittle and report on 100+ items that may be affecting your dog. Dog allergies are very difficult to deal with and our hope is that we can provide a cost effective tool to assist you in and your dog on the path to a healthy life.

Important Info

1. Results take approx 3-4 weeks

2. For the most effective results, the dog must not be on any anti-histamine or cortisone medication for 10-14 days prior to taking the sample. Topical creams do not affect the test. Please consult with your veterinarian to confirm which medication your dog is currently taking. 


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