Do you really know your best friend?

Using DNA which you collect at home, MuttMix can determine which breeds are in your dog, helping you understand your dog’s behaviour, possible health risks and breed ancestry from just R1200. Order your kit now!

MuttMix has helped a lot of people get to know their best friends. Most of the dogs we’ve tested come from shelters and each has a story to tell. We love it when our customers share their tales with the rest of the MuttMix community. Below are some of their stories.

Nika belongs to Cherie Gouws. The MuttMix analysis: Dachsi, Sheepdog (Border Collie), Bichon Frise and Weimeraner. The whole Gouws family guessed before the results came out – everyone got one right, but Mom got two: Dachsi (her looks) and Sheepdog (she loves to stalk and chase the chickens in the yard!). She was adopted from Animal Welfare PE in 2008 and lives with 2 purebred Dachsies.

  • Level 3: Bichon Frise
  • Level 3: Dachshund
  • Level 3: Weimaraner
  • Level 4: Border Collie
Duey Bear was very interesting. Brenda Ryan, his owner, posted a challenge to all MuttMix fans:

You would never guess my boys’ heritage… I’ve just purchased a MuttMix kit to confirm it, because nobody believes me when I tell them ;> Will post results when I get them! In the meantime – see if you can guess!!

When she got the results the truth came out:

This handsome boy is Duey Bear, who we adopted in April from a shelter. Every single person who meets him 1) falls instantly in love, and 2) is convinced he is a Labrador. MuttMix has proved otherwise…

NO Labrador, but we did find his true ancestry: his Rottweiler mom in the mix (Brenda knows Duey’s parents) and a few other breeds!

  • Level 2: Rottweiler
  • Level 4: West Highland White Terrier
  • Level 4: Dachshund
  • Level 4: Poodle
Kyron belongs to Eddie Foster – and turned out to be mostly German Shepherd with some Akita and English Springer Spaniel in the mix. The Akita is a Japanese Spitz-type breed we don’t pick up very often in South African Mutts.

  • Level 2: German Shepherd
  • Level 4: Akita
  • Level 4: English Springer Spaniel
Ringo is the beloved pet of Hilary Wilton. Ringo was adopted as a “Jack Russell” but now stands knee high! Ringo came out a real mix including Borzoi, Ridgeback, Doberman and Boxer to name a few. Hilary said:

I was really amazed when I received the Muttmix report but after I read the characteristics of each of the six breeds, it all made absolute sense to me. The only breed which I cannot figure is the Alsatian – I don’t see any evidence of Alsatian in them [Ringo and sister Peggy Sue] either in looks or personality. I was so pleased to have had the testing done – it took away months of speculation and has helped me understand their personalities a lot better.

  • Level 3: Borzoi
  • Level 3: Miniature Pinscher
  • Level 4: Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Level 4: Boxer
  • Level 4: Doberman Pinscher
  • Level 4: German Shepherd
Ollie is the proud pet of Stephanie Brown. Stephanie said”

I was a bit taken a back when I looked at his MuttMix… stunned actually… Now that I’ve had time to recover and look at him with new eyes, the results are absolutely him. What I thought was corgi is actually sharpei and I think he gets his length and short legs from a beagle. His personality characteristics also have some sharpei and German Shepherd – quite protective and can be a bit possessive.

The gorgeous photo of Ollie is the work of Emma O’Brien (c) www.emmaobrien.com

  • Level 3: Beagle
  • Level 3: German Shepherd
  • Level 3: Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Level 4: Chinese Shar-Pe
Riley came out as mostly Bull Terrier, but he also has a little bit of Pomeranian, some Australian Shepherd, a dash of Chow Chow and a few other breeds. Riley is the much loved pet of Roy Brown, who said:

You can definitely see the Bull Terrier in him. Money well spent.

  • Level 3: Bull Terrier
  • Level 4: Pekingese
  • Level 4: Pomeranian
  • Level 4: Australian Shepherd
  • Level 4: Brittany
  • Level 5: Chow Chow
Britney‘s results look so “right”, we’re very glad we don’t meet our customers or see pictures of their dogs before we send out the results! Helen Cook’s lovable giant looks just like you’d expect a mix of  German Shepherd and Great Dane to look.

  • Level 2: German Shepherd
  • Level 3: Great Dane
Chicken is our most famous mutt. The beloved pet of the Rowe family in Cape Town, Chicken is quite a mix. She shows a lot of Boxer and Mastiff characteristics, with some Boxer coat colouration thrown in. Chicken is always the center of attention. She was even featured in the Star newspaper in Joburg! Click the image below to read the article.

  • Level 3: Boxer
  • Level 3: Keeshond
  • Level 4: Bulldog
  • Level 4: Mastiff
  • Level 4: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  • Level 4: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Eddie is another of our recently MuttMixed customers. A feisty little fellow, Eddie’s quite the mix – Level 2 Poodle, Level 3 Lhasa Apso (!), Level 4 Miniature Pinscher and Beagle, and way back in his genetic history an English Setter.

When his owner Jenny got the results she said:

wow so interesting! I’m so glad I decided to go ahead with it.
  • Level 2: Poodle
  • Level 3: Lhasa Apso
  • Level 4: Miniature Pinscher
  • Level 4: Beagle
  • Level 5: English Setter
Asjas came into Chantal’s life as a newly-born “Teacup Maltese” but after a while Asjas looked less and less like a pure Maltese. Chantal mailed us to find out more:

Amazing how a little pup can change so much! I thought I was getting a maltese after my 10 year old maltese sadly passed away. Now I’m not so sure what I have??

MuttMix found that Asjas’ genes are mostly Pekingese. Interestingly enough there is some Rottweiler and Saint Bernard deep in Asjas’ past too! After getting the results, Chantal had this to say:

hopefully after all this I will understand everything about her, seeing that she will be part of my life for the next 15 yrs +, and I have never had a Pekingese 

  • Level 2: Pekingese
  • Level 3: Rottweiler
  • Level 4: Saint Bernard
Siphi’s story is a heartwarming rescue tale, thanks to the love and kindness of Marlene Sach. After finding out the (very mixed) ancestry of Siphi, Marlene shared her story of how Siphi and another feral pup found their way into the local hospital grounds…

Siphi [was] only able to crawl, with a seriously fractured right foreleg and possibly fractured left front foot. She was covered with mange and sores, and had no hair at all. The wife of one of the doctors gave her food, but no medical care. When a nurse told me about her a month or so later she was running around, the fracture healed but the leg was crooked, still no hair, we didn’t even know what colour she was. But she was friendly and trusting, so it was easy to get her to the vet, and when she recovered and grew a coat she was beautiful. 
  • Level 3: Weimaraner
  • Level 4: Brittany
  • Level 4: Dalmatian
  • Level 4: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  • Level 5: Schnauzer
  • Level 5: Chinese Shar-Pei
  • Level 5: Airedale Terrier
Freckles is not what you think! When he arrived at the Wolfshaven shelter he was a tiny pup. Everyone was convinced that Freckles was a Jack Russell, but he kept on getting bigger. When we presented his results to Freckles’ caretaker Wendy, she was very surprised. Freckles is mostly Poodle, with a bit of German Shepherd. There is even a name for this type of cross-breed: a Shepadoodle. It’s amazing the variety of “looks” that can emerge from the same crosses – check out some other Shepadoodles.

Poodles are prone to eye diseases and Freckles’ littermate started developing eye problems. Wendy now knows why, and can understand ways of treating Freckles so he can be healthier.

  • Level 1: Poodle
  • Level 4: German Shepherd
  • Level 5: Scottish Terrier
Benji is a record-breaker – he has eight identifiable breeds in his history, the most of any of the dogs we have tested. His human, Jackie Heaton, had this to say:

Thank you very, very much for the results. I am delighted by them. Benji’s personality fits in with the characteristics of his ancestors. He is a sweet, loving and cheerful creature who just wants to please me all the time. He is a true companion. I adopted him from Wolfshaven a little over a year ago. He was abused and neglected by his previous owners, who eventually abandoned him when they moved away. It is beyond me how anybody can do something like that.
  • Level 3: English Setter
  • Level 4: English Springer Spaniel
  • Level 4: Cocker Spaniel
  • Level 4: Pomeranian
  • Level 5: Poodle
  • Level 5: Belgian Tervuren
  • Level 5: German Shorthaired Pointer
  • Level 5: Maltese
Scamp is quite clearly a Daschund, but there’s more to this little rascal than meets the eye. Way back in his genetic heritage (at the grandparent and great grandparent level) MuttMix found some Shih Tzu and a little Pomeranian. Susan, Scamp’s owner, immediately asked us for another kit so she could solve the mystery of Pip, her other dog.

  • Level 2: Daschund
  • Level 4: Shih Tzu
  • Level 5: Pomeranian
  • Level 5: Norwegian Elkhound
Sergio has the cutest ears, which he inherited from his German Shepherd ancestry. He was rescued with a litter of 11. The owner said he would kill all of them if they weren’t removed immediately. Kerry, Sergio’s doting mum, hand-reared him and his sister from a week old. His sister sadly didn’t make it, but Sergio kept going and despite the odds came out a beautiful, strong puppy!

Kerry was very excited to get the results. She even held a “coming out” party for Sergio:

Wohoo!! Sergio’s results are out!! Thanks MuttMix – you have made for many laughs this morning, I think Sergio must have the most interesting mix of breeds ever LOL 🙂
  • Level 3: German Shepherd Dog
  • Level 4: Cocker Spaniel
  • Level 4: Great Dane
  • Level 4: Irish Setter
  • Level 4: Jack Russell Terrier
  • Level 4: Poodle